Substituted Service Application

Substituted Service Application


Are you applying for divorce in BC but cannot locate your spouse for personal service? In that case, you can still get a divorce by filing a substituted service application to serve your spouse by an alternate service method.

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To obtain an order for substituted service, you must prove that you made reasonable efforts to find or serve your spouse personally. In addition, your substituted service application must specify the alternate method of notifying your spouse that you propose.

Alternative methods of service:

Some alternative ways of service are email or mail to your spouse or a relative of your spouse. In addition, other forms of last resort include placing a legal notice in a newspaper or at the court.

How it works:

  • Firstly, complete the BC substituted service questionnaire.
  • Secondly, generate the affidavit, order and requisition.
  • After that, mail or drop them off at our office.
  • Next, we’ll file them in court and wait for the court judgement.
  • Finally, we’ll get in touch approximately four weeks later with the result.

After the court grants the substituted service order, complete the alternative service, and get the affidavit of service from your process server.

This product includes filing the substituted service application in court and returning a filed copy of the order to you by email. In addition, it has a membership term of six months. Please note: the court charges $80 to file this application (must be purchased separately).


  • Access to the BC substituted service questionnaire,
  • The affidavit with your case for alternate service,
  • The draft order with your proposed alternate method of service,
  • The requisition for substituted service.
  • We are applying to court.