Your Path to a Smooth Divorce in British Columbia

Our app lets you handle your BC divorce online without requiring lawyers or costly legal fees. In addition, we’ll make all the trips to court and file the papers for you.

BC Uncontested Divorce

How to get divorced with BC Divorce Options


Answer Questions

First, answer our free online questionnaire, which is tailored to your unique situation and guides you step by step.


Print And Sign

Next, generate and print your divorce papers. Then, follow our easy signing and mailing instructions. That’s all there is to it!


We Go To Court

Finally, we save you time by making all the trips to court, standing in line, and filing your divorce papers for you.

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Established Since 1999

About Us

For over twenty years, BC Divorce Options has been a trusted name in family law, dedicated to assisting British Columbians in resolving their family-related legal matters. Our founder, Maria Cook, has been at the forefront of this practice, leveraging her expertise and experience to help thousands of individuals navigate the complexities of divorce and family law.

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Our Commitment

At BC Divorce Options, we understand that divorce can be a challenging and emotional journey. So, we are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate support to our clients during these difficult times. Our mission is to empower separated couples with the necessary tools and knowledge to facilitate a smooth divorce process while minimizing legal complexities and expenses.

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Introducing the BC Divorce App

We proudly present the BC Divorce App, a revolutionary and user-friendly tool designed to guide separated couples through every step of an uncontested divorce application in British Columbia. Our app lets you handle your divorce online without requiring lawyers or costly legal fees.

Key Features of the BC Divorce App

Step-By-Step Guidance

Our app is equipped with easy-to-follow instructions, helpful resources, and a step-by-step guide that ensures you cover all essential aspects of your divorce application.

Personalized Solutions

We understand that every divorce case is unique. For this reason, our app provides personalized solutions tailored to your circumstances, ensuring your uncontested divorce application meets all legal requirements.

Instant Documents

Say goodbye to paperwork headaches. For instance, our app simplifies document preparation, allowing you to generate necessary divorce forms and signing instructions effortlessly.

Automated Review

Gain insights into your answers. We offer an exclusive automated review that examines your responses for common errors and provides guidance to rectify them.

Child Support Guidance

For couples with children, we offer guidance on child custody arrangements, co-parenting, and child support matters to prioritize the best interests of your children.

Secure and Confidential

Your privacy is our utmost concern. Accordingly, the BC Divorce App ensures all your personal information and data are securely stored and protected.

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We Save You Time

BC Divorce Court Service

Did you know that an uncontested divorce in B.C. can require three trips to court? So, with our court filing service, you save time when we go to court, stand in line, and file your divorce papers.

  • We’ll help you get divorced faster by choosing a court with a quick processing time.
  • We regularly check back with the court for any updates on your case and advise you of any next steps.

Pricing Plans


BC Divorce Options
Based on 13 reviews
Anthony J.
Anthony J.
It helped me a lot in my divorce. Responses are prompt and I was given enough advice and assistance throughout the process. They charged reasonably. A big shout out to Robert! 😊
Kia J.
Kia J.
As far as divorces go, this was the easiest, simple and quickest way my ex spouse and I went. The cheapest way I could imagine to go, the support received was perfect. Lets hope I never have to use them again though!
Allison M.
Allison M.
For an uncomplicated divorce this is was a smooth process. Must keep in mind that you have to be able to follow the instructions and follow each step as directed to avoid errors. Highly recommend this service to save money on your divorce if your situation is not complicated. I’m very grateful to have discovered BC Divorce Options! Thanks so much Robert who was the contact person and answered any questions in a timely manner!
Carolyn W.
Carolyn W.
I had a great experience with BC Divorce Options. They made the process as easy as it could be and were there anytime I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend this business, thank you to everyone at BC Divorce Options!
Michael A.
Michael A.
What a great way to complete a transaction between myself and ex spouse. So hassel free.
Fitness goddess C
Fitness goddess C
If anyone is from Vancouver and living abroad and in need of any documents regarding their divorce etc while previously living in Vancouver this company BC Divorce Options is the go to place. This company does all your work in an efficient consistent manner. If it wasn’t for them i would have had to go to Vancouver to get all my documents in order. I highly recommend this company!! My customer service Rep was Robert which I personally thank and thank you for your mannerism in dealing with me. Thank you thank you thank you
Meredith T.
Meredith T.
BC Divorce Options made understanding all the necessary divorce/court paperwork a breeze! With their detailed, transparent plans and add-ons (which you do not have to use) and the email support, they make it feel like you and your case matter! All is laid out with step-by-step instructions, easy to use fill in forms and they kept in touch every step of the way! I am now officially divorced and have recommended them to other friends. Very cost efficient, friendly and easy to use! Thank you Robert for all your help!!
Cheryl S.
Cheryl S.
Sheri D
Sheri D
If you’re looking for quick and easy, this is it! The client dashboard walks you through each step in simple language, and they prompt you when to complete the next steps. The ‘fee quoted on the website is, as explained, just the “basic fee” for the service so make sure you understand that there will be a few extra charges you need to pay along the way for court filing fees (charged by the court, not the service providers). There are also small fees you can choose to pay for expedited (electronic) service. Even after all of this, it’s still one of the most affordable options out there and the ease of use is 100% worth it. Very happy to have this done several weeks faster than quoted 🙂
Nicole S.
Nicole S.
Very fast and efficient. Not an expensive way and everything is done online which is amazing for busy people. Thanks for making this effortless. :).
Paul B.
Paul B.
I was impressed with the service provided by BC Divorce Options. There were several additional costs for services, but it was my choice as to whether to use them and the costs were fully transparent and worth it. At one point I chose an expedited delivery of e-docs to their offices on Broadway but then realized it was not necessary. Robert cancelled the service as I had requested and my funds were promptly refunded. This was a very smooth and professional experience. I would recommend BCDO without reservation.
Steve P.
Steve P.
After having a couple of bad exeriences with lawyers who over promise under deliver then over charge, I found BC Divorce Options. I had at first tried using the supreme court services website but found it was not able to download or post the required forms properly so got reject notices and reached a dead end. The BC Divorce Options website is easy to use and Robert as the help desk and client service advisor was very prompt in answering any questions. He kept me updated and guided me through the process. You pay for a base plan up front and then each step has a fee but overall it was very straight forward and way less cost. Highly recommend it!