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How much will my divorce cost?

You should budget for court and notary fees, and if only one spouse is signing the papers, process service fees.

Court Fees

Every divorce in B.C. requires court fees of $290, which are paid to the B.C. Supreme Court for processing your divorce papers. In particular, this consists of $210 for the first filing and $80 for the second. In addition, if you opt for a divorce certificate, it’s $40 each. Furthermore, the court will only accept cash, cheques or money orders. However, our BC divorce plans offer you the convenience of paying the court fees by credit card.

Court Fee
Person examining divorce papers at table

Notary Fees

Every divorce has at least one affidavit that must be signed with the help of a notary. In particular, a sole divorce has one affidavit or two when children are included. On the other hand, a joint divorce has two affidavits or four when children are included. For instance, the cost to notarize an affidavit from a notary of your choice is typically $50 each. So, notary fees may range from $50 to $200, depending on your situation.

Process Service

When there is only one divorce applicant, the divorce papers must be served on the other spouse. Although you can arrange the process service and save some money, we recommend hiring a process server. So, you should budget about $250.00 for process service, but prices can vary depending on where your spouse is being served.

Serving Divorce Papers

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Divorce Certificate

You don’t require a divorce certificate for your divorce to be official. For that reason, the Basic Plan doesn’t include it. However, there are situations where you might need one. For example, if you are getting married again or applying for a mortgage, you may be asked to provide a divorce certificate.

B.C. Divorce Certificate
Child Support Review

Pro Review

Since divorce is a legal procedure, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ is essential. Of course, you can review your answers yourself, which is why the Pro Review is not included with the Basic or Premium Plans. However, you may not be detail-oriented or want someone with experience to ensure everything is correct. For that reason, we offer the pro review with the Ultimate Plan.


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