Affidavit of Personal Service


In a BC divorce, the affidavit of personal service proves that your spouse was served a copy of the notice of family claim. The affidavit contains details such as the name and address of the server, the date of service, and how your spouse was identified.



To obtain a divorce, you must prove that your server handed your spouse a copy of the notice of family claim. In other words, the person who gave your spouse the papers must swear an affidavit of personal service. Furthermore, a divorce in BC requires that the server identifies your spouse in one of three possible ways:

  1. By a photo, or
  2. By personal knowledge, or
  3. When your spouse provides government-issued identification.

Above all, we guarantee our affidavit meets the BC Supreme Court Family Rules for Form F15.

This product is for:

  • BC Divorce applications when only one spouse has signed the papers, and
  • You had a friend or relative serve the notice of family claim on your spouse, or
  • Your process server is not familiar with the affidavit of personal service for the BC Supreme Court.

White Glove Assembly

This document requires some assembly. Although our instructions explain the process, we’ll assemble it with this option.

How it works:

  • First, add the product to your cart and checkout,
  • Secondly, complete the questionnaire.
  • Next, with the White Glove option, we’ll assemble it and email it back to you,
  • After that, generate the testimony and instructions.
  • Finally, have your friend or process server swear the affidavit.


  • Access to the affidavit of personal service questionnaire for six months,
  • The instructions for swearing the affidavit and attaching the exhibit(s),
  • The cost of notarizing the affidavit is not included,
  • We guarantee that it will meet the requirements for divorce in BC.