Process Service


In a BC divorce application, process service is the process of arranging for someone to give your spouse a copy of the filed notice of family claim. We charge a flat rate for up to three attempts at one address for many common areas.



To obtain a divorce, you must arrange for someone other than yourself to hand your spouse a copy of the notice of family claim. The person that gives your spouse the notice of family claim is the process server.

The process server will want the following contact info:

  1. The address of your spouse,
  2. Your spouses’ schedule, if available,
  3. A photo of your spouse,
  4. Your spouse’s phone number, if available, and
  5. A copy of the filed notice of family claim.

This product is for:

  • BC divorce applications when only one spouse has signed the papers, and
  • You know the home or work address of your spouse, or
  • Your spouse is cooperative, and you know their phone number.

How it works:

  • First, add the product to your cart and checkout,
  • Secondly, email us the contact details and photo of your spouse,
  • After that, we’ll arrange the service with our process server,
  • Finally, we’ll obtain and verify that the affidavit of personal service is correct.

If you do not see your spouse’s city:

We would be happy to give you a quote. Please send us an email with the full address of your spouse.


  • Up to three attempts at one address unless otherwise specified,
  • Standardized prices for many common areas within city limits,
  • We guarantee that the affidavit will meet the requirements for divorce in BC.