Notice of Withdrawal


A Notice of Withdrawal is required if you or your spouse want to withdraw from a BC family law case where you claimed divorce. This service includes our filing the withdrawal in the BC Supreme Court of your choice.



You must file a Notice of Withdrawal to cancel a document, either in whole or part, from a BC family law case where you or your spouse claimed divorce. In addition, you must file the withdrawal in the same court where you filed the document you want to withdraw.

White Glove Setup

This service requires some configuration. With the white glove setup option, we’ll configure it for you.

Situations that would require a notice of withdrawal:

The most common condition is that you did not finish a previous divorce. Starting a new divorce application becomes more straightforward as time passes, but you must withdraw the old one before the court processes the new one. In other words, you have a ‘clearance issue.’

Another instance is when a party to divorce files a response or a counterclaim. In other words, the divorce is a ‘contested divorce.’ Once you have resolved the issue, the spouse that signed the response must withdraw it so the divorce can proceed uncontested.

Our BC Notice of Withdrawal includes withdrawing the following:

  • notice of family claim,
  • response to a family claim,
  • counterclaim, or
  • response to counterclaim.

How it works:

  • Complete the BC Divorce Questionnaire.
  • Then, purchase the BC Notice of Withdrawal.
  • Next, complete the additional questions for the withdrawal.
  • Then, sign and mail us the notice of withdrawal.
  • Next, we’ll file it in court.
  • Finally, we’ll return a copy of the filed withdrawal by email.

Additional Features:

  • Includes our filing of the notice of withdrawal in the BC Supreme Court,
  • If both spouses are withdrawing, only one service is required if we’re filing both at the same time,
  • This service has a term of 90 days.