File Your Agreement in Supreme Court


File your agreement in Supreme Court for your records or to use the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) to collect maintenance payments. After filing, you will receive a copy from the court. It will have the court file number and a court registry stamp indicating there is a court file. Keep this copy for your…



How It Works

  1. Send us one copy of your agreement and another containing the original signatures of both parties and the witnesses.
  2. There is a court filing fee of $40.00 (paid to the court).
  3. You can add the court filing fee now or send a money order to us, payable to the Minister of Finance.
  4. We’ll return the filed copy to you by email.

Ensure we can file your agreement in Supreme Court

To ensure we can file your agreement in Supreme Court, it is crucial to have a clear outline of the support obligations. Below are some guidelines to help you word the maintenance order:

  1. Specify which parent is responsible for making the support payments.
  2. Provide each child’s name and dates of birth covered by the agreement.
  3. State the commencement date of the support payments.
  4. Indicate the frequency of the payments (e.g., monthly).
  5. Clearly state the exact amount of each payment.
  6. Base the child support amount on the parents’ income, following the Child Support Guidelines.
  7. Include provisions for terminating child or spousal support based on specific dates or events.

Additionally, if the maintenance order or agreement involves special or extraordinary expenses for a child, ensure that:

  1. State the type of expense.
  2. The name of the child for whom the expense is intended is mentioned.
  3. Specify the amount one parent must pay the other parent for these expenses.
  4. Include the date from which the expense payments are to begin.
  5. State the frequency of the expense payments (e.g., monthly).