Fact Change Feature


If you need to correct the notice of family claim after filing, the court requires that you follow a specific procedure. Our Fact Change Feature will guide you through the process of making the corrections according to the court procedure.



If you have found a mistake after filing the notice of family claim, it can be corrected by following the procedure for fact changes. The process changes the answer retroactively, so there is no need to file the notice of family claim again.

White Glove Setup

This feature requires some configuration. With the white glove setup option, we’ll configure it for you.

Typical uses of a fact change are to correct:

  • the date of separation,
  • the date of marriage,
  • the place of marriage,
  • the birth date of a party,
  • the birth date of a child,
  • the name of a child, or
  • the status of a child.

You cannot use it to correct the following:

  • a party’s legal name, or
  • a party’s name on the marriage certificate or
  • a party’s surname if it conflicts with one of the above.

If you need to change a restricted answer, please see Add-ons > Amendment.

Considerations for sole divorce:

The notice of family claim served on your spouse will continue to contain the error; if you are doing a sole divorce and want your spouse to see the correction, consider an amendment.

How it works:

  1. First, add it to the cart and checkout,
  2. Second, navigate to the questionnaire dashboard and click on the Fact Change Feature,
  3. Next, fill in the details to explain the correction,
  4. After that, correct the original mistake,
  5. Finally, generate your affidavit(s) and review the change.


  • This product has a service term of 182 days.