How To Get Divorced Fast


You can divorce quickly by completing your documents correctly and filing at a court with a short waiting time. Follow these tips to get your divorce fast:

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1. Make sure to complete your papers correctly

  • Check that your data matches your source documents, such as the marriage certificate.
  • Ensure that your marriage certificate complies with the court requirements.
  • Have all the correct paperwork and ensure they meet current court standards.

If your documents are not correctly filled-out, the court will return them to you to be corrected, wasting valuable time. In addition, if you are filing your papers, the court will mail the correction notice to you. As a result, your divorce will take even more time.

Save time with our speedy divorce service. We guarantee everything to completed correctly, and we make all the trips to court for you.

2. Choose the fastest court

  • Choose a court with a quick processing time.
  • Reduce the time it takes to go to court and file each step.

Every Supreme Court in BC operates on its schedule. So they each have their own processing time for desk order divorce (the court’s term for uncontested divorce applications). The processing time is the period that the court takes to review your papers, forward them to a judge and notify you of the result.

For instance, some courts have extended processing times of 12 weeks or more. However, since there is no requirement to file your divorce at the closest court, you can choose one with a shorter waiting time. But it is not realistic for most people to go to a court in a different region of BC. That’s why it is better to use a divorce service that goes to court for you.

Here’s how we’ll get you divorced fast

1. We’ll confirm your papers are all completed correctly

We guarantee our papers are completed correctly and accepted by the court. In addition:

  • Every plan consists of an automated review, which checks your answers for common mistakes and prompts you to correct them.
  • Our optional Pro Review includes a person checking your documents for all data and regulatory issues.

2. We’ll get you a fast divorce by choosing the best court

Our court filing service will save you time because we’ll select a court with a quick processing time.

  • We can file at any court, so we’ll choose one to get you a fast divorce.
  • As a result, this change alone could save you six weeks of processing time.

3. Take advantage of our optional rush service and file online

Our optional expedited service allows you to email us all your papers, saving delivery time. Once we receive your email, we’ll file your divorce with Court Services Online, saving you even more time.

  • Expedited online filing will save you the maximum amount of time.
  • As a result, divorces filed online take approximately three weeks less than filed in person.

In conclusion, If you are in a rush to get divorced, it is essential to ensure all the papers are correctly filled out and choose a court with a fast processing time. Making corrections and filing again can waste time, so it is crucial to get it right the first time. Using a service that checks and files all of the papers for you, such as BC Divorce Options, can help you get divorced in the shortest amount of time.

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